How to permanently get rid of infertility, fibroid, high Bp and Diabetes

And other chronic ailments which has refused to be treated with medications or surgeries

Without the Use of Expensive and Complicated therapies.

I have a proven, tested and trusted 100% guaranteed result remedy that would reverse your ill health condition

100% herbal without any side effects

Look at what Total strangers are saying about it

What led me into talking about this remedy convincingly as this?

Take few mins Read my story

Has it always been your longtime desire to cure that stubborn infertility issues 

But those efforts turned out to become fruitless?

You must have tried to adopt various kinds of treatment approach, but to no success.

Or could it actually be that you have been looking for a way to regulate your B.p and sugar level.

But the medications are actually not helping matters, they are only worsening it. 

This could be frustrating at the same time heartbreaking .

I am saying this from personal experience , 

You see these four ailments( Fibroid, infertility both in men and women, High blood pressure and Diabetes) i mentioned above 

Are so dangerous and  life threatening to an extent that if  not given attention to on time

More severe disease or ailment could result from it. 

If you are currently suffering  from any of them and you are yet to find an effective remedy

Then you should count yourself lucky to be on this page.

Because i am going to be revealing to you how me and a relative of mine suffered from these health conditions 

And how we were able to regain our health, got cured and started living normal life again after decades.

I was once a diabetic and eventually a high blood pressure patient 

I suffered from high blood sugar for good 17yrs, the experience so far has been terrible.

It is not something i can wish for anyone, because as a result of my prolonged illness

It resulted to alot of unpleasant complications for me.

 At first when i became diagnosed of high blood sugar (Diabetes), i was placed on Metformin, glucophage and the likes.  

After some years i came to realize that these drugs were no longer regulating my sugar level anymore 

Once i took the medications as prescribed it only worked for the day 

Then by the next morning my Fasting blood sugar level already shoot up again to 18, you can imagine that.

Obviously the drugs were not doing anything to control it.

Not as if i usually take diet i was prohibited from eating oh, I was always careful of my diet.

Yet my sugar level kept rising.

When my Doctor noticed that the drugs were no longer working for me 

He decided to place me on insulin injection, with the hope that, it would finally bring my sugar level to normal.

All to no success.

All these while , i was already experiencing some kinds of complications oh , for instance i suffered from : 

  1. Blurry eyesight
  2. Frequent urinating
  3. poor performance during seX
  4. Sudden weightloss
  5. Diabetes coma due to significant low sugar level 

I developed all these other health issues when my sugar level was no longer in control and as a result of side effects from some of the drugs.

During my periodic visit to the hospital, i later discovered that my diabetes has also led to High blood pressure.

I became dumb-founded, this was very shocking to me, how could this happen to me alone.

Despite my efforts to become healthy and recover from diabetes and its complications.

Infact there was a particular time i had a crisis, i fainted and was rushed to the hospital 

The Doctor shouted when he checked my blood pressure level and saw that it was already 230/125mmHg,

He had to admit me at the hospital and started administering treatment of different kinds 

What i experienced was a Hypertensive crisis which could lead to stroke or ultimately death if not careful.

I spent 7 good weeks on hospital bed , until i requested for a discharge when i had run out of funds for treatment anymore 

My family took me back home, when i was not really getting significant improvement with my health and no more money.

Infact i was already loosing hope and giving up on my life thinking i might give up anytime soon.

Because the situation had already gotten worse, my heart also became affected , i had swollen legs and difficulty in urinating 

I just felt like ending my life until Almighty God said no, that i  was still useful.

This was how the breakthrough came about.

Like i said , i have  given up on my health because all hope were already getting lost 

Since  i have spent all my life savings on different kinds of treatment both native, herbal and orthodox medicine, but no realistic improvement.

My condition was deteriorating until i came in contact with this amazing and very powerful herbal remedy from South Africa called Jigsimur.

It was actually my aunt who came from Asaba to visit me in Lagos who brought this herbal drink along with her.

She actually came to visit me purposely because of my health condition, even though it was not convenient for her,

She felt very bad when she learnt that my condition wasn’t getting better 

When i saw her, i noticed a significant change in her appearance

She used to have a protruding belly like a lady who is few weeks pregnant, as a result of Fibroid

But i was surprised, the tommy was as flat as anything, i initially thought she used  waist trainer.

I was so curious to know , so i asked her and she said, that was even the major reason she had to sacrifice her time and visit me.

Because what this herbal remedy called jigsimur has done in her life? she couldn’t keep quiet about it.

It was this same Jigsimur that totally shrinked her fibroid and restored her fertility health.

Besides she has recommended same herbal remedy to her colleague at work who used to be barren for years, 

But now 7months pregnant

I was literally impressed by her  testimony.

She said the swollen tommy , scanty menstrual periods , and heavy bleeding whenever she manages to menstruate  all has vanished.

Now she sees her period at when due and even ovulates as well.

She was still saving money  to conduct surgery on the fibroid before she came across jigsimur oh.

She had that strong conviction that it would work for me, hence she decided to bring it for me to try it out

Initially i was reluctant to accept it

Considering the Varieties of medication i had taken in the past both native and the rest.

And there was no improvement, i was already skeptical  to use this new one but i decided to give it a trial.

Because the recommendation was coming from my aunt and since it has done significant wonders for her 

I decided to give it the benefit of doubt

My experience after i started taking it

She gave me a bottle to test , and i started using it that same moment, cos i was so curious to know how this would work for me.

The next day i went straight to the toilet to stool, infact i was surprised at what came out of me ,

I kept wondering so i had different kind of yamayama in my body all these while 

Could you believe that two days after stooling, i noticed slight relief, my body part that was difficult to move before was now becoming easily movable.

During this period i was still using my Bp and blood sugar drugs.

My aunt decided to stay upto a week just to observe any changes before she resumed back to work.

6 days later, i was already observing more improvement in my body compared to how it was before her arrival

So she asked me me not to take any drugs that day, that i should just use jigsimur alone, because i was taking it morning and night.

Next morning i took it again as usual, on this 7th day she was ready to leave because of her work 

She asked me to check my sugar level and Blood pressure

To my surprise i could not believe my eyes 

Although my sugar level didn’t show any significant changes yet but my blood pressure that used to range from 160mmhg and 155mmhg initially,

Even after taking my bp medicine now read 145mmhg, 

this was an impressive changes for me because i never experienced that in the past 8 months  

Infact my aunt was amazed as well because the improvement was fast happening

She couldn’t wait any further to monitor the progress because of her work.

She had to leave one more bottle with me, so i can continue using it once the first one finishes 

After about few weeks of using Jigsimur, i had to stop my medications and just stick to this jigsimur alone 

6weeks into using this herbal remedy my sugar level and my blood pressure level was already normalizing.

By this time my blood pressure and Sugar level was now ranging between the values below:

  • Blood sugar : 90 -110
  • Blood pressure : 118mmhg- 130mmhg 

These are figures i last experienced years ago , just like what is shown below.

My blood sugar reading

My blood pressure level

The most impressive part of my recovery

I was overwhelmed with joy and gladness, when i began to notice these significant improvement with my health.

Most importantly those complications and side effects that has developed overtime 

began to reverse.

I was no longer having blurry vision, erectile dysfunction, frequent urination, Diabetes coma , no more swollen legs or difficulty during urination

Within 6 months my health condition was completely reversed and recovered.

This is something i couldn’t achieve since the past 17yrs 

I was completely mind blown by the efficacy of this wonderful herbal mixture


It is already 1yr now since i encountered this product, sincerely my life has not remained the same anymore.

I now live a life free of chronic and life threatening diseases that nearly took away my life.

Courtesy of Jigsimur

Many of my friends, colleagues and church members  who knew how i was before i gain this transformation to my health were all amazed.

They rejoiced with me because i was now a completely changed person physically and health-wise.

Alot of them with their individual health challenges started requesting for jigsimur 

This motivated me to start promoting this jigsimur product because i was a living testimony

These were the feedbacks i got from those who used this herbal mixture

Fibroid Completely destroyed using jigsimur

Blood pressure regulated

Irregular/scanty mentruation solved.


Reviews from other users on Facebook

Jigsimur is a Therapeutic Blend and a Traditional African Medicine (TAM).

Brewed from the sap found in Aloe Feroz plant which is grown in West Cape of South Africa,

Jigsimur has been scientifically proven to be potent in preventing and curing common ailments and stubborn diseases.

Jigsimur contains antioxidant, phyto-nutrient and anti-aging elements that make it ideal for both the young and old and has no side effect.


If you have been seeking for a remedy , a cure or a solution to your health challenges that actually works.

JIGSIMUR is simply the answer.

  1. Jigsimur is made from purely Naturally existing minerals and ingredients (No chemical composition)
  2. Jigsimur has no Side effects
  3. Jigsimur is Duly approved for use by Nigerian drug regulatory bodies, NAFDAC (NO: A7-2720L)


Jigsimur is a blend of Aloe Ferox and all its phytonutrients that have been scientifically proven to prevent and cure common ailments and stubborn diseases.

Jigsimur contains antioxidant , phyto-nutrient and anti aging elements that make it very ideal for both the young and the old.

Jigsimur has no any side effects as all the blends are 100% Aloe Ferox.

Jigsimur is brewed from the sap found in the Aloe Ferox plant which is grown in the Western Cape of South Africa.

The calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc in Aloe Ferox is much higher than in Aloe Vera.

The use of Jigsimur improves your overall health and immune system and is used for the treatment of Arthritis, Gout, Fibroids, Diabetes, Migraines, Insomnia, Gall and Kidney stones.

Throat infections, Heart burn Colic, Stomach ulcers, Bladder infections, Haemorrhoids, Shingles, Constipation, Osteoporosis, Tonsillitis, Eczema, Hypertension, Conjunctivitis and many other minor ailments.

Here is why you should use Jigsimur

Jigsimur helps remove all those toxins in your body that have been causing problems in your body, there are so many substances inside our body that are bad for our Health.

Jigsimur removes these substances through a process called DETOXIFICATION.

Jigsimur helps the Body in the Healing Process. The human body is known to heal itself but Jigsimur enables the Healing process to be faster.

We have several testimonials to the credit of the efficacy of Jigsimur herbal therapy

This is how it works.

Jigsimur is a very effective Detoxifier. This product is capable of cleansing and removing Harmful toxins or substances which must have accumulated in our body.

 Jigsimur converts our body system from being Acidic to Alkaline.

Research has also shown that many Health problems manifest or gets worse in an Acidic body. Also the immune system is always very weak when a person’s body system is Acidic.

That’s why there is the need for a person to ensure his or her body system becomes Alkaline.

Jigsimur is a very POWERFUL IMMUNE BOOSTER which means it is capable of fighting and curing any form of infection and disease in the body.

When your immune system is boosted your body system fights any disease naturally.

This is what you need for effective cure

Jigsimur herbal has been used on thousands of Patients through out the globe,

to treat varieties of severe and stubborn ailments 

Including FIBROIDS, HIGH B.P, DIABETES, HIV AIDS, INFERTILITY in both men and women.

The moment you take jigsimur, You would start seeing result as soon as possible with your health.

How can you get it & How much is it?

Jigsimur product can be gotten from anywhere within Nigeria, wherever you are 

we can simply send it over to you preferred location 

All you need do is to place an order by filling the form as you scroll down below.


The cost of a bottle of Jigsimur is ₦20,000

We sell it in packages 

We are currently running a December promo.

But only few bottles are remaining just 30 bottles sold left.

You can get two bottles at the rate of ₦34,000 instead of ₦40,000.

This promo is only available during this time limit at the top of your screen.

Once the time expires , it returns to the original price.

This is what some have to say after taking this therapy.

What else are you waiting for ?

If you are really eager to cure that chronic ailment that has been consuming alot of money from you,

If you want to be free from pains and discomfort

If you want liberty from anxieties and worries over Fibroid, High bp, Diabetes, Infertility and other stubborn diseases,

If you are tired and fed-up with medical surgeries and treatments as well as alternative remedies that has not worked for you.

Then now is the time to start taking Jigsimur because , jigsimur would give you an overall body health transformation

You have never experienced in years

Jigsimur is more than capable to help restore your health back to normal and we are confident in saying that 

Because of what it has done in the lives of thousands Nigerians since over 6yrs now 

Many other Herbal product companies have fizzled out in just 2-3yrs of existence cos they are no longer working.

However with Jigsimur, as years passes by, the quality, efficacy and potency of Jigsimur continues to maintain high standard.

Little wonders we have thousands of distributors all over Nigeria and in other African countries.

The best thing you can do for your health right now is to make a decision to purchase your own Jigsimur right here today.

Kindly fill the form below to place your order.

Once you start taking Jigsimur herbal remedy


1.)  High blood pressure patient Your blood pressure that used to rise above 130 and beyond will gradually begin to reduce till it get to normal range.

When your blood pressure begins to normalize, you would have reduced to zero chances of developing high blood pressure complications and health risk which includes :

Heart failure, heart attack, Memory loss, blindness, high blood sugar, Dementia, Kidney problem, stroke etc.

All these diseases originated from an elevated and uncontrolled blood pressure.

If you already experience any of these or other health risk from high bp, then you need to quickly start taking jigsimur.

2.) Diabetes(High or low blood sugar)  patients – Once you start taking Jigsimur, your high or low blood sugar  will begin to be regulated until it reaches normal range.

Hence you would no longer experience dangers or health risk associated or resulting from excess sugar in your body system.

Neither will you have chances of having those diseases because your blood sugar is regulated.

3.) Fibroid and infertility patients – Once you start your jigsimur dosage , any kind of disease, be it infection, inflammation tumor or whatever it is at all,

that might prevent you from getting pregnant as a woman or impregnating your wife as a man, will be corrected and cured.( Guaranteed- lots of testimonies on this already)

Jigsimur is also effective against many other kinds of chronic and stubborn ailments that has been resistant to medical treatments including HIV AIDS

What if this product does'nt work?

We have 100% confidence in our product that you will certainly come ack to testify just like every other person that has bought from us.

We have not had anyone request for a refund of our product, that it didn’t work for them.

We understand that body chemistry or reaction differs and as a result not everyone would respond positively to a product at the same rate.

Regardless, You would start seeing certain changes in your body the moment you start taking this natural remedy and those symptoms would improve in a matter of days.

That is why we are removing the risk from you, that if after using the recommended dosage for 30 days and you see no single changes.

Get back to us and we will refund you your money 100%.

Another positive review from Facebook


Unlike others who would sell a health product to you and leave you hanging without providing support.

We are recommending this product to you so you can achieve the goal of restoring your health to normal.

So after your purchase we will add you up to our health support community where you would meet with health professionals.

You can always ask questions and get instant response,

Besides, we would also start monitoring you and following up with you as you take your daily dosage, so as to see the progress you are making. 



Kindly read this piece of Info, before placing order for the product.

To avoid some unserious persons placing order and later refuses to pick calls once the order reaches them.

Or they will start giving ingenuine excuses after we must have already spent money to deliver the product, but refuse to collect 

Some will even go as far as collect the product from our delivery agents then refuse to pay for it, block us everywhere.

We are sorry, we can’t continue to loose money while running this business

We have been loosing money and products just because of payment on delivery system.

Please bear with us, as we will no longer accept payment on delivery if you reside outside of Lagos.

We are loosing money alot on delivery charges, each time this happens 

Please reason with us and  place orders only if you are ready to receive your orders. 

We only accept payment on delivery for Lagos orders only.

If you stay outside lagos, your payment validates your order delivery  

Here is our account details — 

Account name : Abdulahi Ramotallah Folashade

Acct no : 0246510930

Wema Bank  

You can call me on this line — 0803 854 3225

OFFICE ADDRESS:  Badagry Express Way, Mowo Bus-stop, Badagry, Nigeria


DELIVERY FEES(depending on location)

LAGOS: ₦1500 – ₦3500

OTHER STATE: ₦3000 – ₦5000


And i have been doing this business for years, my customers in my whatsapp group trust me enough to pay before having their products delivered.

You can either meet me in my whatsapp group before making the payment or you pay to the bank account below,

after payment, you fill the form below then you would see a button on the page that shows up,

which will direct you to my whatsapp where you send me your proof of payment 

Account name : Abdulahi Ramotallah Folashade

Acct no : 0246510930

Wema Bank  

You can call me on this line — 0803 854 3225

If you also want to become a distributor and start making money daily from this jigsimur company,

message me on whatsapp with the line above


  • You are not financially ready to receive it btw today & 2days time.
  • You are not ready to pay before delivery, if you stay outside lagos
  • You won’t pick your calls or respond to messages after sending the products to you.
  • You are planning to travel. 


You can decide to fill the order form below then come over to our whatsapp group before making your payment.

Exact account details entered here is what we post on our group chat

Customers orders being confirmed in the group before it is sent

See what other users of Jigsimur are saying

This is my whatsapp group where i will confirm your payment

This group consist majorly of those who have actually bought jigsimur  from me,  once you make your payment,

after filling the order form below, you will be directed into the whatsapp group.

However if you want to get into the group before making payment you can do so.

Just know that we will not send any product to you without receiving your payment  first.

If you want a video call before making your payment, you are very free to do so.

These are orders we are sending to customers , as soon as their payment is confirmed in our whatsapp group chat

We beg you in the name of the God you serve pls adhere to this notice above





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