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Jigsimur is a blend of Aloe Ferox and all its phytonutrients that have been scientifically proven to prevent and cure common ailments and stubborn diseases

The use of Jigsimur improves your overall health and immune system and is used for the treatment of Arthritis, Gout, Fibrosis, Diabetes, Migraines, Insomnia, Gall and Kidney stones, Throat infections, Heart burn Colic, Stomach ulcers, Bladder infections, Hemorrhoids, Shingles, Constipation, Osteoporosis, Tonsillitis, Eczema, Hypertension, Conjunctivitis and many other minor ailments.


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Why You Should Take Jigsimur?

JIGSIMUR ensures you live longer, healthier and even look younger at old age. People are testifying to How Jigsimur makes them look young.

Jigsimur helps remove all those toxins in your body that have been causing problems in your body, there are so many substances inside our body that are bad for our Health. Jigsimur removes these substances through a process called DETOXIFICATION.

Jigsimur is a very POWERFUL IMMUNE BOOSTER which means it is capable of fighting and curing any form of infection and disease in the body.

Jigsimur helps the Body in the Healing Process. The human body is known to heal itself but Jigsimur enables the Healing process to be faster.

Jigsmur is a powerful Herbal Drink that has
the ability to help in what we call CELLULAR REGENERATION

This means that Jigsimur has the ability to create new cells and replace damaged ones. Just like the O – blood group, that fits in to any blood group, Jigsmur can help create, rebuild and transform our body cell and thereby give new life to any dying organ in the body. Remember that the Cell is what is called the basic unit of life, all organs and parts of our body starts from cells before becoming Organs we know like our kidney, liver, heart etc.
Since all life starts from the cellular level, healing also start from there, this explains why Jigsmur also known as a miracle in a bottle can take care of multiple life-challenging medical conditions perfectly because it solves the problem from the root cause which is from the Cells, Jigsimur rebuilds those damaged cell and ensures that the Health Problem is completely.

Becoming an Affiliate Distributor of Jigsimur

There are 5 Entry Levels

STARTER Registration is = N75,000
You get 5 BIG bottle of 750ml

Registration is N225,000
You get one carton and 3 bottles of Jigsimur (15 big bottles, each 750ml).

Registration is N525,000
You get 2 cartons and 11 big bottles )
(35 big bottles, each 750ml each).

Registration is N1,125,000
You get 6 cartons and 3 big bottles
(75 big bottles, each 750ml)

Registration = N2,325,000
You get 12 cartons and 11 big bottles
(155 big bottles, each 750ml)

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Jigsimur is a natural health medicine from South Africa that has been proven to cure stubborn diseases like Cancer, Fibroid, Hiv/Aids, Kidney failure, Cataract and many other hitherto incurable diseases.

Some of the active ingredients used in manufacturing Jigsimur like Aloe Ferox grows in abundance in Cape Town, South Africa and have been used over 6,000 years ago to cure diseases

Jigsimur was first used in 1998 by Dr Jonathan Smith the CEO of the company. He was diagnosed with Cancer in 1998. He manufactured the product to cure himself after 11 months of usage. Thereafter for over (20 years), the product has been used in the treatment of  all types of diseases including HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Yes, infact the product is cheap. It is a known fact that most people have at least 3 to 5 diseases in their bodies. So instead of buying different medicines to cure them, 4 to 7 bottles of Jigsimur will cure most of those diseases.

N.B Depending on the stage of the disease you may require more bottles.

Any medicine that can cleanse the blood, detoxify the colon, modulate the immune system, balance the body PH, and supply powerful antioxidants to the body is capable of curing all diseases. Jigsimur works at the cellular level in the body.

Yes. For the first week, you can use Jigsimur with the drugs you were using. But it is advised that you stop such drugs after one week and to concentrate on Jigsimur. You will experience the full strength of Jigsimur when it is used alone

However, you can consult your Physician before doing this and monitor your health along the way.

15mls in the morning on an empty stomach and 15mls before going to bed. In special cases, you be directed on how many mls to take 

It depends on how chronic the ailment is. It is better to take Jigsimur as Treatment packs. 

1 treatment pack is 5 big bottles which would last for 3 months. 

2 Treatment pack is 10 big bottles. 


When using natural medicine the minimum time you should aim for before saying the medication didn’t work for you is 3 months.

No. Remember  Aloe ferox is a laxative and so can cause Uterine stimulation and cause a miscarriage. So NOT recommended for both pregnant women and lactating mothers

Registration fee is ₦75,000 which also serve as purchase of a treatment pack (5 big bottles)

No, registration is N75,000 (it comes with 5 big bottles) and an entry which accords you 100 PVS .
Meaning, you are set to earn as you refer or reorder in packs

You start earning when you start selling your product to end user, whenever you repurchase or you invite people to purchase the product in pack/s
. Remember, no money is loss in JIGSIMUR because after investing, the Company will send products worth more than your registration fee…you sell and make profit

JIGSIMUR Is NOT a supplement.
♦️ YES it is self selling, a household and the bestseller.
♦️It is registered with NAFDAC in Nigeria and FDA/HD in Ghana

Once you’re registered, you will be added to distributors group where you can learn more about the product, we also refer customers from your location to you

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